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MTV, Personal Computers and the Future

August 1981 was a big month for new stuff; MTV launched on  the first day of the month, the first IBM PC was introduced to the market on the 12th day of the month, interest rates were hovering around 20%, the term sustainable development was six years away from being added to our  dictionary, and I was [...]

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EMC: KW/Cambridge networking and best practice sharing in a minty environment

Our March host was Taylor and Grant who provided some great benchmarking and best practice sharing for our event. Taylor and Grant is a quality manufacturer of breath mints, chocolates and hard candies enjoyed throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. The company opened its doors in June of 1993 producing personalized corporate food gifts [...]

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Run to Failure and Secondary Damage

Many facilities have a practice of running their equipment (or certain elements of their equipment) to failure. Run to failure means just what it says, doing nothing proactive or preventative to keep the machine operating and stopping only when the equipment breaks down. In most instances run to failure is not ideal as its costs [...]

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