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Innovation and the Future of Manufacturing

In his key note address at the Waterloo Region MIN Summit 2013, Ray Tanguay, Chairman Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc., Chairman Toyota Canada Inc., President Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc., emphasized the importance of never standing idle; it is key to continually re-examine processes, identify the inefficiencies, and leverage the collaborative efforts of the people in [...]

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What does sustainability mean to you in 2013?

The term sustainability seems to have grown a lot of legs in the last three or four years. It used to be environment this and climate change that, now it all seems to fall under the same umbrella of the term ‘sustainability’. This is not a bad thing (In fact, I think it is a [...]

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Manufacturing Summit 2012 a Great Success

Despite a significant decline in the manufacturing sector’s Gross Domestic Product between 2007 and 2009 and a slow recovery since, the manufacturing industry in our region has a bright future. That bright future was highlighted at the recent Manufacturing Summit hosted by the Manufacturing Innovation Network.

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The Impact of Recessions on the Manufacturing Industry

Since the 1970’s, the industry has reshaped itself many times and has seen many peaks and troughs when it came to employment but the last recession in 2008/9 was decidedly different.

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Globe and Mail Insight on State of Manufacturing: Better Than You May Think

There is a lot of talk about the challenges the manufacturing industry in Canada has been facing over the last decade and it can be easy to see the overall picture as purely one of doom and gloom. A recent article in the Globe and Mail provides some very good observations that suggest we should look at the matter a little more closely and examine the positive side for the road to a future flourishing manufacturing industry in this country.

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Highlights of the 2011 Ontario Budget

The 2011 Ontario budget was tabled on March 29, 2011. Although there were no changes in the corporate or personal tax rates, the budget did include several tax-related measures. We at KPMG have prepared an article that discusses all the highlights of the budget.  It’s available at the following link:   http://www.kpmg.com/Ca/en/IssuesAndInsights/ArticlesPublications/TNF/Pages/tnfc1111.html

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Highlights of the 2011 Federal Budget

The 2011 federal budget was tabled on March 22, 2011. Although there were no changes in the corporate, personal, or GST tax rates, the budget did include several measures to tighten the tax base, which the government calls “closing tax loopholes”. These measures include the ending of partnership tax deferrals for corporate partners, new rules [...]

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Federal Budget

As you are aware, on March 22, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty released the 2011 federal budget. For the current fiscal year a deficit of $40.5 billion is projected, falling to $29.6 billion in 2012, to $19.4 billion in 2013, and a balanced budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The Budget did not contain changes to [...]

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Latest Asia-Pacific Foundation Outlook for Asia 2011

The Asia Pacific Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit think-tank on Canada’s relations with Asia. The Foundation functions as a knowledge broker, bringing together people and knowledge to provide current and comprehensive research, analysis and information on Canada’s transpacific relations. It promotes dialogue on economic, security, political and social issues, fostering informed decision-making in the Canadian [...]

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The Global Economy and Credit Risk

My colleagues at Millennium CreditRisk Management (Millennium) recently published a thoughtful article on the impact of the global economy on credit risk. I thought I would share it here. “Countries around the world, with the possible exceptions of China, India and Brazil, are facing serious fiscal problems. The major elephant in the room is the [...]

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