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Usage Guidelines

Logo Usage

You may not alter the online logomark artwork in any way. The MIN Member Logo is provided for Web usage only, and may not be used in any other fashion.

Logo Presentation

Use only the authorized electronic artwork provided below. The Logo is to be displayed as an independent logo, and not conjoined with any other graphic or text. You may not alter this artwork in any way. The logo cannot be reduced or enlarged beyond what is electronically provided by the Waterloo Region MIN. Please do not alter the logo in any way.

Cancellation of Authorization to Host Logo

We reserve the right to review use of the logo. Disregard for these Usage Guidelines may result in a revocation of the right to use the logo, and with it all benefits enjoyed through participation in the program. Any member found to be improperly using the logo must correct any deficiencies in their use of the logo upon reasonable notice. Refusal to correct such deficiencies may result in revocation of the right to use the logo. The Manufacturing Innovation Network reserves the right to change or modify the logo and/or these Guidelines at any time.

Applying the MIN Badge to your Web Page

To add a MIN Badge to your web site, simply choose the badge from below which accurately represents your relationship to the MIN online community and then copy the image and paste it into your website.

Note: A MIN representative can email you the html code to copy into your website’s HTML.