Advertising Programs

MIN offers a collection of advertising programs that are convenient, quick and inexpensive. Choose the program that is right for you to market and promote your company or services in the Waterloo Region.

Why advertise on MIN?

Participation in the MIN’s advertising program will give you direct access to a targeted audience that includes:

  1. Over 1,000+ manufacturing companies in the Waterloo Region.
  2. Manufacturing suppliers in the Waterloo Region.
  3. Manufacturing companies and suppliers outside of the Waterloo Region.
  4. Government agencies.
  5. General visitors to the MIN site.

Types of Advertising


The LEADERBOARD ad program is our most prestigious advertising program. Advertisers can promote their company, products or services in the top banner position of the MIN homepage.

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The SPOTLIGHT ad program offers the flexibility for advertisers to display ads front and center on the MIN homepage.

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