Canadian Shield helps found association for standards on mask manufacturing

The Canadian Shield in Waterloo, along with the BC-based Breathe Medical Manufacturing, have founded the Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers

via Kitchener Today

The Canadian Shield is helping to establish a new association on national standards on medical mask manufacturing.

The Waterloo-based company, along with Breathe Medical Manufacturing in Kelowna, BC, have co-founded The Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers, or CAMMM.

In a release, it’s said the intent is to support government and industry in “establishing standards and regulations for this newly formed Canadian industry,” and to also help economic health of the industry.

“On behalf of The Canadian Shield and its employees and suppliers, we’re pleased to be joining Breathe Medical as a founding member of CAMMM, and we look forward to building a strong industry,” said Jeremy Hedges, CEO of The Canadian Shield.


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