The Industrial Progress of Kitchener

Check out this video on manufacturing in Kitchener in the 1950’s.  While the video focuses on Kitchener industries in particular, it is clear that the Waterloo Region has a history of punching above its weight, and has always had a prominent national reputation as a centre of industry and progress.  Kitchener was in fact known as “The Industrial City” and some of the many manufacturers referred to in the video include Dominion Rubber, B. F. Goodrich, Dare, Arrow Shirts, J.M. Schneiders Ltd., Smiles N’ Chuckles Candies, Burns & Co., Greb Shoes, Krug Furniture, Weston’s Bread, Silverwoods Dairy, and many more.  Some of the buildings featured in the video, such as the Lang Tannery, and the Electrohome Plant, still are places of employment, and in fact, may house more jobs today than they did in the “heyday” of manufacturing in the 1950s…but they are very different jobs, requiring completely different skill sets.

Manufacturing continues to provide well paying, sustainable employment to approximately 18% of the Region’s workforce, more than any other sector of the local economy.

Take a few minutes and enjoy this trip down memory lane!


About Valerie Bradford

Business Development Officer for the City of Kitchener, responsible for corporate consultation program (Business Retention and Expansion) as well as the manufacturing, life sciences, and financial services clusters. Chair of the Board of Directors for the Manufacturing Innovation Network (MIN)


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