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We make art, yes, and you can buy or rent it, but our knowledge and training provides us with a wide range of skills and expertise.
Visit www.artspay.org is the place to connect with over 65 local artists!

Hire an artist to…

  • Help develop your corporate brand identity or refresh your established business
  • Stretch manufacturing ideas beyond engineered solutions. Artist are problem-solvers, trained to step back from the process or problem, and rethink it in an entirely different way
  • Generate fresh designs for furniture, lighting, plumbing fixtures, décor, ceramic tiles, fabric, children’s toys, games, jigsaw puzzles, wallpaper …

The Kohler sink in your bathroom may be more of a work of art than you realize. The company known for kitchen and bathroom fixtures has opened its factory floor to artists for the past 40 years, allowing them to share ideas and techniques with factory workers so both can be inspired. This has led to designs for Kohler and for other companies. Artists and industry have a long history of successful collaboration, from toilets to lasers and 3D printing. Artists have a spark and imagination which can be lacking in the day to day business world, helping manufacturers to continue to innovate, progress and prosper. Hire an artist to:

  • Help with product development and testing. Metals, paint, fiber, tools … give it to an artist working in that medium
  • Make models and maquettes for product development
  • Increase productivity on the factory floor, Inspire creative thinking, get employees thinking more creatively, in new and different ways about problems and design. Manufacturers around the world have found value having an artist on the factory floor for the short term, or for a longer period of residency.
  • Get original art into your workplace. Innovation and creativity is essential to a healthy, competitive business model. A stimulating environment fosters that kind of thinking! Energize and modernize your workspace; make it more motivating and attractive for staff and clients
  • Find and install art in your workplace – and change it out again! Art rental fees costs 4% of the total artwork value per month.

Artists excel in the area of visual imagery and telling a ‘story’. Hire an artist to …

  • Provide contemporary graphics and fresh images,
  • Design a unique website or signage
  • Develop a unique marketing approach to set your business apart
  • Document the development of a product, a project, a special company event
  • Produce RFP’s, proposals, reports and other printed materials that make ‘stand-outs’
  • Communicate your company’s mission in images. Hire a videographer for a promotional video, to tell and promote your story. Photographers are excellent visual storytellers, using your photos and company brand to develop marketing for your goals.
  • Tell your history, your story and get out to the public

 New! Art$Pay www.artspay.org is the place to connect with over 65 local artists

Search in the MARKETPLACE Directory for artists listed in over 30 Skills & Services for business, industry, manufacturing, and technology. Each artist is represented by one image everywhere on the site. Click on that image to go to that artist’s website for more information and contact info.

Don’t see what you need? Post your job in the Art$Pay MARKETPLACE under “How to Post a Job”

Business and fee guides are there to help https://artspay.org/how-to-post-jobs-calls/

Need help, more info, suggestions? Contact Manager Cathy Farwell info@artspay.org

Success stories with Art$Pay? Please let us know, so we can promote your business and the artist on the website homepage!

See you around!

Look for Art$Pay material at the MIN booth, May 9 Manufacturing Summit

Find Art$Pay on Make it Kitchener and Explore Waterloo Region

www.makeitkitchener.ca http://www.explorewaterlooregion.ca/

November 10 & 11 – Art$Pay at the Walper Hotel! Watch for details on this unique event, when the Art$Pay artists demonstrate their skills and show their art

 Art$Pay was launched on Nov. 22 /16 with help from MIN, the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation, Createscape Waterloo Region, the City of Kitchener and numerous other community-minded individuals.

About Crissy Wright

Crissy Wright is the Community Facilitator at the Manufacturing Innovation Network (MIN).


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    Have you considered hiring a local artist to help you with your website, graphic design, or marketing needs? ArtsPay is the “MIN” for the local arts community. Check them out at http://www.artspay.org

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