Manufacturing Workers Wanted

Biomanufacturing is a key part of the bio-economy in Ontario and there are an increasing number of biomanufacturing companies in the Province and our Region. With traditional manufacturing and biomanufacturing having a lot in common, these companies are hungry for people with the traditional skills but need to understand how to access these workers.

The Workforce Planning Board has worked with a number of sector councils over the past few years and one of our newest partners is BioTalent Canada. BioTalent Canada’s research fuels the bio-economy by providing insight into the skills being demanded by the biomanufacturing sector. This insight is used for skills development information and in turn provides mutual opportunities for both employers and the workforce. In partnership with industry, BioTalent Canada has developed tools and resources for businesses in this sector to assist them with their recruiting needs including a BioSkills Transfer tool to help identify transferable skills for workers from traditional manufacturing into the bio-economy workforce. On February 8th, Rob Henderson, Executive Director of BioTalent Canada will be in Waterloo Region to launch a new initiative which includes the BioSkills Recognition Program and other recruiting tools. If you want more info on how to hear what Rob will have to say click on this link For more information on these tools and insights into the biomanufacturing sector check out


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