Protection from Identity Thieves

Recently, I received a call from my bank informing me that my account had been compromised and that I had to go pick up a new ATM card.  I am sure you or someone you know has experienced something similar.  It is unnerving to think that thieves can operate so smoothly and have access to our personal information.  It was a relief that the bank caught the unauthorized transactions, but this sort of thing happens all the time. In fact, over the years, thieves have become more and more sophisticated in their tactics, placing identity theft as one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada.  So, it is important that we are aware of our vulnerabilities and how best to safeguard against them.

In a recent article called “What is Identity Theft?”in the latest Cowan newsletter – Health, Wealth and Wisdom, there are very useful prevention tips that we all should know and follow.  No one wants to be a victim.


About David Black

David Black has almost 20 years of experience in property and casualty insurance. At Cowan Insurance Group, David is responsible for the manufacturing segment across all business lines within the group, development of the manufacturing brand and thought leadership specific to manufacturing, as well as assisting others to profitably grow Cowan’s overall manufacturing block of business. Prior to joining Cowan, David was an underwriter for 12 years where he focused specifically on traditional manufacturing, information & network technology and the life sciences segments. David’s specialty is global property and liability programs including admitted local placements and overall risk management programs crafted to meet client needs. David holds his Honours B.Comm and Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation.


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