Going Back to School – Green

Yes, it is that time of year – making the annual pilgrimage to Staples / WalMart / Local Store to pick up the list of school supplies for our kids. My daughter, being the keener that she is, wanted to get there a bit early, so we made our treck last week.

I couldn’t help but notice the ever increasing number of products that are now being marketed as ‘green’ in some way. Paige insited on the recycled ruler and the scissors with the recycled rubber on the handle (she is going into Grade 5). Good for her for noticing, but I have to admit I held her up by taking a few pictures as well.

I only managed to sneak three photographs, but enough to give you an idea of what kind of ideas are out there if you are in the consumer products business (or maybe even if not…).

Check out the biodegradable Papermate pens, the Domtar paper box (with donation to WWF) and the recycled Hilroy notebook. What could you do to add this kind of marketing strategy to your products and services?


About Peter Corbyn

Peter began helping Canadian businesses and home owners save energy and reduce their carbon footprint in the early 1990's. His past activities included launching the first Employee Energy Awareness Program in Ontario, Canada in 1992 for his employer at the time, The Woodbridge Group. He was the Environment Director for the Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association in Toronto from 1996 to 2000. During this period Peter was a member of National Industry Issue Table on Climate Change, developed an ISO 14001 implementation program for the sector and authored a guidebook to help industry implement an energy management system based on ISO 14001. Peter won the Canadian National Clean Air Day Award for Excellence in Efficiency Outreach in 2007. Peter is a co-founder of www.greennexxus.com, developers of sustainability focused web campaigns and Software-as-a-Service.


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